PAN photography

  1. * Who we are

    We are Philippe and Andrea, two professional photographers and visual artists who met in class while pursuing a Masters Degree in Photography in London. Since then we have combined our expertise, skills and interests and now work together as a team, accurately telling your stories through our images.

    * What you can expect

    With our respective backgrounds in photojournalism and fashion, your images will be a lovely combination of stylized and candid photography.
    The level of comfort that we build with you and your relatives shows in our images and is perhaps what sets us apart the most. It allows us to create intimate photographs of your special day as insiders who truly understand your vision of this day.

    * What we provide

    As far as packages are concerned we are extremely flexible. For a quote, please get in touch with us with details of your wedding. We will reply with various package offers, which can then further tailor to your needs and budget.

    In any case, we will provide you with the kind of images you have always imagined, along with moments from your day you may have forgotten and most importantly with memories that will be with you for a lifetime.

    * Where we are

    Depending on where the weather is best, you will find us either in Mumbai or Paris ; however, we love travelling and we are happy to follow you anywhere in the world. 

    * What we do when we are not shooting weddings

    We each have our individual art practices and our work has been published and exhibited internationally.

    Together, we produce Open Show Mumbai, curate exhibitions, give practice and theory based photography workshops and are involved in other endeavours aimed at creating an active photographic community in the city.

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